3 'apps' with which you can get payday loans from anywhere

Technology advances at a fast pace, something that has caught the traditional financial institutions, which have taken a long time to adapt to the new times. The companies that offer mini loans, on the other hand, have managed to incorporate technological innovations to give a better service to their customers: an example of this is the mobile applications that some private lenders have created, which allow them to request financing from anywhere.

Mini-credit lenders that have mobile applications

The economic downturns can surprise us far from home and our Internet connection, but fortunately, the companies that grant mini credits are aware of this. Thanks to the apps created by some of these companies we can ask for urgent money from anywhere and we can solve the unexpected quickly. Next, we will see which companies have applications for smartphone and what are the conditions they offer:

Application SW Amount Cost of € 100 to 30 days More information
That good! Android € 900 € 14.85
50% discount with the code HMC1601
Apply for
Vivus Android and iOS € 900 € 28
Free for new customers
Apply for
MoneyMan Android € 1,200 € 33 Apply for

The maximum amount indicated corresponds to the amount of money that existing customers can request. If it is the first time that we request a mini credit to one of these companies, we can request a maximum of € 300 to be returned in 30 days.

And how do I send the documentation to request the mini-loan?

One of the advantages of requesting payday loans from green-touch is that it is not necessary to send any type of document. In the case of ¡QuéBueno !, we will not have to provide documentation (we will only have to fill in a simple form with our personal, labor and banking data), while in the case of the other two lenders, we will be able to use Instantor to prove that we are who We say we are and that we receive enough income to pay the credit on time .

Can I contract mini loans with my mobile without downloading the ‘app’?

Not all companies that grant mini loans have an application for smartphone, but most of them have adopted the format of their web pages to read from the mobile phone. In addition, some lenders also allow you to request financing through text messages or WhatsApp. This is the case, for example, of Créditomovil, which does not currently have an app, but it does ask for money by sending SMS or the mobile version of its website. In addition, this company uses the Hal-Cash system, a service that allows money to be withdrawn instantly from the subscribers, even if we are not bank customers.

If we want to know what other companies have an application, mobile version or service SMS or WhatsApp, we can enter the ranking of mini-loans of HelpMyCash and consult the characteristics of the companies that offer us the best conditions. In this way, we will find which is the mini-loan that suits us more depending on our economic needs and our profile and we will see through which channels we can carry out the application and hiring process.