Fast loans with ASNEF and without payroll

Being on a list of defaulters no longer leaves all our financial options without validity. The reason is today there are title loans with Houston borrow that allow us to get the capital we need. 

What do I do to get fast loans with ASNEF?

Although being registered in files such as ASNEF significantly reduces our chances of obtaining financing, there are some entities that allow us to get fast loans in order to rebalance our economy. These quick loans with ASNEF allow us to get up to 750 euros to return in a maximum of 30 days and are granted through private equity entities.

If we want to access these quick loans, we must be of legal age, reside permanently in Spain and have a stable source of income (which does not necessarily have to be a payroll). In addition, we must also meet two additional requirements to be granted fast loans with ASNEF:

  • That the non-payment for which we have registered in ASNEF does not exceed 1,000 euros, although according to the entity this limit may be higher (including 2,000 euros) or lower (for example, 500 euros).

  • That the outstanding debt has not been contracted with any other financial entity, that is, it can not come from a personal loan, a credit card or an overdraft.

It is essential to comply with all the necessary conditions to be able to access this type of financing, otherwise, our request will be denied. If we do not fulfill the requirements, our options to obtain financing will be, or, request a loan with mortgage guarantee.

Can I hire quick loans without payroll?

Can I hire quick loans without payroll?

Not enjoying a payroll as our source of income is no longer an impediment to getting quick loans. As long as we have an alternative remuneration that allows us to face the reimbursement of the financing that we request, we will not have any problem. In order for the lenders to consider that our income is valid and sufficient to access the quick credits, they must meet three essential conditions:

  • Enough: the retribution should allow us to repay the fast loans without payroll without unbalancing our economy.

  • Demonstrable: we must present a document certifying that we received such income. A pension, VAT declaration or unemployment benefit are some documents that will show the entity that we receive sufficient and recurring income.

  • Recurrent: we have to receive this income periodically and over time. A single income in a given month will not be valid for the entities.

Any type of salary alternative that complies with these requirements will be valid to access quick loans with ASNEF and without payroll. An example of alternative income that meets these requirements is the income of the self-employed, pensions, income from renting a flat or, sometimes, the unemployment benefit, among others.

The security of the loans with ASNEF and without payroll

The security of the loans with ASNEF and without payroll


Over the last few years, a large number of companies have offered fast loans without payroll and their products have gained much popularity. However, along with these companies have also created some fraudulent organizations that try to deceive people seeking urgent funding. In order to avoid falling for your tricks, before asking for fast loans with ASNEF, we must take into account several details that will help us distinguish legitimate from illegal lenders:

  • Never send money in advance: quick loans will seldom charge us commissions, only the interest generated by the requested money. Anyway, in case they charged us, they will never ask us to pay them before they give us the capital. For this, we must doubt any entity that requires it.
  • You can not take us out of ASNEF: the only way to stop appearing in these lists is for the entity that registered us to erase us because we have paid off the debt. No entity can get us in exchange for “management fees” or “attorney’s fees”.
  • Search for the distinctive features of a protected website: when requesting quick loans, we must include all our personal and economic data. For this reason, we must pay special attention to the fact that online data protection protocols are activated. We can check this by simply verifying that the URL starts with https: // and precede it with a small green padlock.

In addition, it is always advisable to seek opinions and experiences from other users, knowing how to distinguish between dissatisfied customers and victims of cheating. If you have any questions, it is better to pause the application and go to a known entity that many users have already trusted. Apart from this, it is advisable that we search if the entity in which we have made the request is registered in some association of fast credits.

Get credits with ASNEF and without payroll in 5 steps

Get credits with ASNEF and without payroll in 5 steps


Getting fast loans with ASNEF and without payroll is very easy. The objective of the entities is to offer their clients money instantly, so that their contracting process can be completed in just a few minutes and with hardly any paperwork. Although each entity has its own protocol, the vast majority follow these steps:

  1. Compare and choose: first of all, we must compare all the offers of the moment to make sure we choose the one that best meets our economic needs.
  2. Fill online form: once the entity has been chosen, we simply fill in an online form with our personal and economic data.
  3. Send our documentation through an email or by attaching it to the online form itself. Normally they will only require us an identity document, a bank statement and a receipt of income.
  4. Read and sign the contract: once our application has been approved the entity will send a contract to our email. We must read it carefully and, if we agree, sign it and send it back.
  5. Receive the money quickly: when the entity receives the signed contract, it will transfer the requested capital at the moment, even if it is a weekend.

Before any doubt that may arise, the entities put at our disposal different communication channels to guide us in the process. For example, a telephone contact through which we can consult any doubt we have and, in fact, some are available 7 days a week during the 24 hours. Anyway, the hiring of these quick credits is very simple and intuitive so, initially, we should not have problems in completing the application process.

What rights do I have if I am in ASNEF?

In the event that we are in a delinquency list, such as ASNEF, we can consult the free guide on “What rights we have if we are in ASNEF” written by the comparator experts

Thanks to this guide we will be able to answer all these questions: how to know if I am in ASNEF ?, how to oppose to enter ?, Who can know if I am part of the list ? or how to leave and how long will it take to erase me ?. In order to obtain it, the only thing that we will have to do is provide our email and we will receive directly in our mail the guide with links to laws and models of letters of claim.